Here at POLISEMIA, a translation agency founded in 1999 that specialises in art and culture, we do not merely translate words: we study, explore, ponder and use them with painstaking care, considering the thousand shades of meaning that every word possesses, for we know that the true art of translation requires much more than a literal transcription from one language to another.

Words are not used randomly, nor are they innocent. We understand that every language is inextricably bound up with the culture, history, idiosyncrasy and socio-cultural reality of each country where it is spoken, even if those bonds are not always visible. For this reason, a translation cannot be a mere transposition of linguistic correlates.

At Polisemia we make every effort to accurately render both the content and the message of each source text, sifting through every possible nuance until we achieve the narrative quality required of a first-rate translation.