POLISEMIA has a network of professionals who work in a wide range of languages and are members of the Spanish Association of Conference Interpreters (AICE), specialised in simultaneous and consecutive interpreting at international events and meetings.
All of our interpreters are experienced professionals with a superb knowledge of their working languages and a high degree of specialisation in many different fields.

We offer several different modes of interpreting and are happy to advise you on which service best suits your needs:

Remote interpreting is an online interpreting service for meetings, conferences and webinars. Our interpreters have been trained in the use of remote interpreting software and different streaming platforms, such as ZOOM and WebEx.

Simultaneous interpreting is done in real time inside a soundproof booth. It requires receivers, audio equipment and the presence of a sound technician.
This fluid, dynamic interpreting mode is recommended for conventions, symposia, seminars, AGMs, press conferences, etc.

Consecutive interpreting is a service where the interpreter sits beside the speaker, takes notes and later relays his or her words in a different language.

This interpreting mode is generally used for short interactions like bilateral negotiations, formal addresses and press conferences, as it tends to double the duration of the event.

Whispered interpreting or chuchotage does not require special translation equipment or microphones. The interpreter whispers the translation of the speaker’s message directly into the listener’s ear.
It is recommended for interviews or short meetings involving a small group of people.

Simultaneous interpreting with the Infoport system is a mobile service that requires a microphone for the interpreter and audio receivers for the listeners. Given the lack of a soundproof environment, it is only recommended for short meetings or guided tours in places where a booth cannot be set up.

COVID-19 Safety: this system allows the interpreter, speaker and listeners to practise social distancing at all times. Every piece of equipment is thoroughly disinfected before and after each use.

If you need advice or would like to request a quote, please contact us.