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POLISEMIA has a network of professionals who work in a wide range of languages, are members of the Spanish Association of Conference Interpreters (AICE), and specialise in simultaneous and consecutive interpreting at international events and meetings.
All of our interpreters are experienced professionals with a high degree of specialisation in many different fields.

We offer several modes of interpreting:

Simultaneous interpreting, which delivers the contents of the original speech in real time. This mode requires a soundproof booth with appropriate audio equipment and the presence of a sound technician.
As the speaker talks, the interpreter in the booth listens to the speech via a headset and translates it into a microphone. The listeners receive the translation in their own language through earphones. This type of interpreting is fluid and dynamic and is recommended for large conventions, symposia, seminars, AGMs, press conferences, etc.

Consecutive interpreting relays the speech after the fact. It does not require any translation equipment, only microphones. The interpreter usually sits next to the speaker, takes notes and reproduces the original message when the speaker pauses. This usually increases the length of an event by between 80 and 90 percent.
This interpreting mode is commonly used for bilateral negotiations, formal addresses and press conferences.

Whispered interpreting or chuchotage is a type of simultaneous interpretation and is therefore conducted in real time. No translation equipment or microphones are required, as the interpreter whispers the translation of the speaker’s message directly into the listener’s ear.
It is recommended for interviews or short meetings involving a small group of people when one or two of the participants do not speak the source language.

Simultaneous interpreting with the Infoport system is ideal for meetings, guided tours, factory visits, etc., which involve a small number of people (maximum of 20) in places where it is not possible to set up a translation booth. The Infoport system allows for portable, wireless simultaneous interpreting using only a microphone for the interpreter and receivers for the listeners.

We can also provide you with cutting-edge simultaneous interpreting technology (analogue or digital infrared, booths and consoles) along with on-site technical support during your event.

Please contact us for advice on which mode best suits your needs or to request a quote.

These are some of the conferences we have recently serviced:

Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport
Deputy Directorate-General of the Spanish Institute of Cultural Heritage  

Simultaneous interpreting in English and rental of translation equipment for the 1st International Conference on Heritage Education

Fundación Mapfre Instituto de Cultura
Simultaneous interpreting in several language combinations for the press conferences and lecture series organised by the foundation in recent years

Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía
Simultaneous interpreting in several language combinations for symposia held in connection with film screening series and for the Technical Conference organised by the museum's Restoration Department.

Since 2005, simultaneous and consecutive interpreting in several language combinations and the installation of equipment for the Campus activities, master classes and workshops at Madrid’s annual Photography and Visual Arts Festival.

Simultaneous interpreting in English and French for World Book Night (Michel Houllebecq, Laurent Binet, John Danville).

CA2M – Deputy President’s Office, Ministry of Culture and Sport and Spokesperson’s Office of the Regional Government of Madrid
Since 2010, simultaneous interpreting in several language combinations and rental of translation equipment for the Image Symposium

Fundación Carmen Pardo-Valcarce and Fundación Mapfre Instituto de Acción Social
Simultaneous interpreting in English for the symposium on the NO + ABUSO Project organised by Fundación Carmen Pardo-Valcarce and Fundación Mapfre